Self Distributing breweries who deliver to the area receive messages

Opentapp screens the orders and alerts manufactures who can fill the order. These manufacturers respond with the products they have available. Responses can be entered manually, or the manufacturer can have Opentapp updated with their inventory and set automatic responses.  

The bar receives responses, and makes a selection

The retail location receives the "bids" for their order and selects which one suits its needs. The manufacturer delivers their product to the retail location.

Same day deliveries

Opentapp was created by brewers. In our endeavor to start our own brewery we ran into several dead ends trying to secure a distributor and decided to pursue self-distribution. We found that there needed to be a way for local manufacturers to network with local retailers in order to get their products out.

Opentapp accommodates local retailers by giving them access to locally produced spirits and allowing them to supplement their alcohol orders, create automatic orders for self-distributing manufacturers, or place an order and receive their product that same day. No taps will ever be empty again!

Transaction completes, payment deposits in brewery's account

Upon the retail location selecting the product and initiating the deliver, Opentapp will ask the retail location to confirm delivery. Upon confirmation the manufacturer will receive a transaction complete message and the payment will automatically deposit into the manufacturers bank account. Records will be sent to each party.

Opentapp is working to add features for small independent distribution companies.

Never run out of beer again.

Be the first to pilot new beers.

Free marketing.

Manage all of your self distributing contracts in one place.

Payments handled through app.

Manufacturer Account Setup

Opentapp will ask for your location, radius in which you are willing to deliver, type of product you produce, packaging selections, payment information (for yearly fee and accounts receivable), and account administrator information, and verification that your business is a licensed manufacturer and can self-distribute.

Opentapp is committed to being the primary tool used by manufacturers who self-distribute. We are expanding the application to accommodate any and all retailers and manufacturers.


Opentapp will be available for iphone, android, and will also be a web application.


  • Create automatic recurring orders for self-distributing suppliers

  • Set up promotion dates and have suppliers bid for slots

  • Display your establishment on Opentapp map for free

A Revolution in Self-Distribution

A bar runs out of beer on one of their rotating taps

They post an order or "vacancy" on Opentapp's on demand order section. If the order is time sensitive, the establishment can set a time limit. The application allows the establishment to place specific orders like "four 1/6 barrel kegs of IPA"  or "case of bourbon" or a simple request for any type of beer. Opentapp allows selections to be made according to alcohol and packaging types.   If the retail location falls within the manufacturers radius and requests a product that the manufacturer produces, a message is sent to that manufacturer.

Opentapp allows retailers the ability to place orders to local manufacturers and receive products the same day. Running out of beer at events or having to put cups over empty taps will be a thing of the past. Retailers can manage their self distributing contracts using Opentapp.

Giving Back

Opentapp will give a portion of its proceeds to organizations dedicated to spreading self-distribution to all fifty states. If we succeed in that goal Opentapp members will be able to submit charities and vote yearly on where the allotted portion of profits will go.

Additional Features/Proposed Features


Same Day and On Demand orders made simple.


  • Create order sheets for your contracts

  • Track inventories

  • Set automatic responses

  • Map showing other Opentapp members



  • Opentapp will be available for Independent distributors in states where self-distribution is not allowed

With the number of smaller alcohol manufacturers on the rise many States have eased up on the three tier distribution laws, allowing self-distribution. Opentapp is designed to allow smaller manufacturers and retailers to capitalize on self-distribution by networking, utilizing location services and e-commerce to allow direct transactions between retailers and manufacturers.


How much does it cost?
 3-5% per transaction. Small subscription fee may apply.

When will it be available?
Four to five months after the App is funded by kickstarter our pilot should be ready.

Can liquor stores use Opentapp?

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State doesn't permit self-distribution?

Promo codes

Visit ourkickstarter pageand become a supporter. Our gift to you will be promotional codes offering free app usage.

Retailer Account Setup

Opentapp will ask for your location, payment information, account administrator information, and verification that your business is a licensed alcohol retailer.

The Self-Distribution App

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Receive delivery notifications.

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