Opentapp for Manufacturers

Opentapp was designed to make self-distribution for manufacturers simple.

To begin the manufacturer will fill out their location information including

  • Address
  • Manufacturer type: Brewery, Cidery, Distillery, Winery, or any other alcohol.
  • Contact information
  • Payment information (for the monthly fee and accounts receivable).
  • Verification information (liquor license verification)
  • Administrators information
    • Opentapp will allow each account to sign up three administrators who can update inventory, add products to an order sheet, confirm deliveries, or handle messages.
  • Opentapp gives the manufacturer a template to make their personalized order sheet. The manufacturer can also track their inventory using this order sheet. Once  the manufacturer sells out of a certain type of beer, it will be unavailable until the manufacturer updates the inventory. The manufacturer can also enter different packaging types they have available.
  • Delivery Radius is set for the two different styles of delivery, regular (weekly) or same day. Radius is a loose term as the brewery can select an irregularly shaped area they will deliver to.
  • Delivery schedule will also be set. A brewery can choose what days they wish to deliver and if they so choose what days they are willing to perform same day deliveries. (Regular deliveries must be submitted 24 hours before the delivery day).

Upon signing up, breweries will be auto-populated on Opentapp's map and will be visible by any subscriber. We here at Opentapp appreciate our subscribers and will list manufacturers who use our app on our website.

Regular Orders

Opentapp Allows any subscribers that fall within your distribution radius to browse your all of your products and create orders.  When retailers go to make orders your beer will autmatically populate their online order sheet because they are inside your distribution radius. When the submit their order it will be automatically sent to your email, and you will receive a notification. The order will have a list of products requested and will contain delivery information. Once the delivery is made the retailer will confirm via their Opentapp account and Opentapp will deposit their payment into your account. The products delivered will then be removed from your inventory.

Same Day Orders

Opentapp also allows same day orders. Since bars can't always accurately predict the amount of beer they will sell we have created the same day order. The idea behind this is that manufacturers will be able to keep their products on tap or possibly gain tap positions in new bars. Retailers can request products from a specific manufacturer or can also place an "On Demand" alert which will send the message to all local manufacturers. This alert can also come with a time limit for delivery if the retailer is in need of beer in short order. Manufacturers can then respond with what they have available for delivery at that moment and the retailer can choose from responses.  We created this option specifically for manufacturers to gain new contracts by helping out bars in need.

Opentapp is going to open a world of possibilities to local manufacturers. Rather than having to supply order sheets or deal with several different email chains or phone calls manufacturers can handle all of their distribution duties from one program. The same day and "On Demand" options provide manufacturers an opportunity to pilot new beers if they are not yet on their current inventory. The distribution radius can be irregularly shaped or cover multiple different areas so manufacturers can distribute to places that make the most sense. Opentapp will eventually implement a vehicle load plan and a route planner.  But the main advantage Opentapp will provide is the exposure to retailers. The download is free for retailers; they are charged by transaction rather than paying a monthly charge. As soon as a retailer in your area downloads Opentapp they will be instantly exposed to your products and your establishment.

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