Opentapp for Retailers

Opentapp is a free download for retailers.

To begin the retail establishment will fill out their location information including

  • Address
  • Business type: Bar, Liquor Store, Restaurant
  • Contact information
  • Payment information
  • Verification information (liquor license verification)
  • Administrators information
    • Opentapp will allow each account to sign up three administrators who can place orders, place same day orders, receive orders and manage the account. Only one administrator can be signed in at a time to avoid duplicate orders.

Once the retailer has signed up, Opentapp has some no cost benefits it offers. A retailers location will be auto-populated on Opentapp's map. Any other app subscriber can see the location and click on it to get some general info. In addition to that Opentapp will also list the user's establishment on our website. 

Regular Orders

Opentapp's patented software filters alcohol order options for each retail location based on their proximity to manufacturers that self-distribute. If the retail location falls within three breweries delivery radius', they will have one master order sheet that is populated with those three manufacturer's products. The retail location will build their order and hit submit. Upon doing so they will be given delivery time options based on the manufacturers delivery schedule. Retailers can also request a certain day if its the only time available to receive shipments and a message will be sent to the manufacturer. If the manufacturer declines, the retailer can cancel that manufacturers product's. Opentapp will handle all the paperwork, providing each party with the necessary paperwork(electronic). Once the shipment is delivered, the retailer will confirm receipt and Opentapp will complete the transaction. This feature of Opentapp helps retailers order from all of their self-distributing suppliers in one place. The retailers account will also store records of each transaction. Retailers can set automatic orders if they decide they want a type of alcohol to be on tap regularly.

Same Day Orders/On Demand.

Another Feature of Opentapp will allow retailers the ability to order and receive alcohol same day. This feature sets Opentapp and local manufacturers ahead of the three tier system. The size and flexibility of small independent breweries means they can set their own delivery hours and if they so choose, be available to run kegs across town.  The delivery radius of same day turn around may be smaller than that of the regular order sheet. Although most retailers try to plan ahead to keep beer stocked sometimes retailers who host events, live music, or get stampeded by a random bar crawl can use this service to keep taps flowing.  The same day order uses messaging instead of emailing correspondence.  Opentapp even has an "On Demand" option. If your establishment has an empty tap one click of this button will have all of your local manufacturers bidding on that tap position. Trust me as I am a brewer, they want it. Filling a tap position does not only mean breweries are making sales, they are also spreading the word about their product, especially if its a bar they haven't sold beer to.

The Self-Distribution App

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